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More than 100 partners across the state of Alabama are part of United Way of Alabama’s Financial Stability Partnership. The statewide collaboration provides hard working individuals and families with tools to become economically self-sufficient through access to quality financial skills development, income enhancement and asset acquisition programs. Since 2006, thousands of Alabamians have taken advantage of programs and services through the Financial Stability Partnership resulting in more than $6 million in tax refunds and $3 million in assets purchases. Find out how you can benefit!

As people increase their income, enter the financial mainstream through relationships with financial institutions, build saving and reduce debt, they will be in better positions to make choices about their financial well-being. United Way of Alabama’s Financial Stability Partnership offers strategies to help families achieve their asset goals and protect and sustain those assets.


The more individuals and families know about credit and banking services, the more likely they are to save, gain assets, and improve their financial health and wellbeing. Financial education provides information and skills that enable individuals and families to:

  • manage financial resources wisely
  • create transactional relationships with financial institutions
  • make informed decisions regarding personal finances
  • receive HUD-certified Housing Counseling
  • access information on  the HUD Fair Housing Act

Financial Stability Partnership© of Alabama – financial management skills

  • raises awareness of financial education resources
  • provides technical assistance to financial educators
  • develops strategies to increase quality and accessibility of financial education
  • promotes financial products and services

United Way of Central Alabama has relationships with numerous collaborative partners throughout the state that helps individuals with financial skills development. For additional information please e-mail


While facing unprecedented financial challenges individuals and families can benefit by taking advantage of tools to maximize income and access benefits. Tools to help individuals maximize income include;

  • Budgeting, credit and debt management services to help align income with expenses
  • Public benefits – more families eligible for public benefits of which they are unaware due to downsizing and furloughs make
  • Post-secondary education and career development raise potential for increased income
  • Microenterprise and small business development create and/or supplement income
  • Income Tax Assistance helps low-to-moderate income working Alabamians keep earnings and refunds without paying a preparer or taking out a rapid access loan with excessively high interest rates

Financial Stability Partnership of Alabama – maximizing earnings

  • Tax Assistance
  • IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance: United Way of central Alabama coordinates free income tax assistance for individuals with low-to-moderate income from January 18-October 15 of each year. Since 2005, 6,410 returns have been filed with $6,818,228 in federal returns.
  • Self-Preparation Tax Returns: United Way of Central Alabama offers free, Internet-based, self-preparation federal and state tax preparation in partnership with One-Economy and United Way of America. Individuals can receive technical assistance if needed and learn skills to file their taxes free. Visit

For information on tax assistance, including locations in your area, making an appointment and what to bring, please contact

  • Matched Savings Program – Individual Development Accounts
  • United Way of Central Alabama offers an innovative matched-savings program where individuals can have their savings matched 2:1 to go towards obtaining an education or growing or expanding a small business. The IDA program includes an approved career or business development plan, reinforcing increased income benefits

For information the Individual Development Account program contact 

Acquire Assets

A key to becoming financially stable is acquiring and sustaining assets including homes, job skills, education or owning a business. To help Alabamians with low-to-moderate income, the United Way Financial Stability Partnership of Alabama offers an innovative matched savings program called Individual Development Accounts (IDAs). The IDA program allows families to build assets and develop skills for financial self-sufficiency.

The matched savings program also includes important tools to achieve financial self-sufficiency including financial skills development, credit repair, access to financial services, and training related to the investor’s primary savings goal.

United Way of Central Alabama coordinates the IDA’s through the Office of Community Services of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This program provides opportunities for individuals with low-to-moderate income to purchase a first-time home, pay for college or job training or start or expand a small business. The IDA’s are available to qualifying hard-working individuals whose incomes and assets fall within federally determined limits.

The IDA Funding Structure:

  • $2,000 IDA Investors can save up to $2,000 over a three year period
  • $2,000 is matched with Federal Funds as saver’s IDA account grows
  • $2,000 is matched by locally raised funds as saver’s IDA account grows
  • $6,000 to purchase a home, education expenses or start/expand a small business.

IDA Investors save, receive financial education and credit counseling, take advantage of free income tax assistance, and develop good financial habits for long-term benefit.

For information the Individual Development Account program contact







TIP:  if you are a victem of identify theft, the ID Theft Center has resources to help navigate the process of restoring damage done to your credit. For information visit :

United Way Supports Fair Housing

United Way Supports Fair Housing